'M.F.A. programs make money off of people's dreams,' says one editor. 'One hopes people at least understand the odds.'
"The students had just come back from a prep talk: don’t stand too close to the auditors, don’t stare at them during the monologue, don’t waste time stating your name, loosen up and have fun (sure)."
"In the months before the murder-suicide, Harvey saw Z crumbling around him. He had devoted an obsessive eight years to the channel and had drawn his identity and celebrity from it."
“I think we can work together. You’ll see I’m really not such a monster,” Friedan told the author.
"So what ails the American family? 'America has little domestic peace. Men and women do not know how to get along. Children don't want to be around their parents,'" Shmuley told the author.