"Employers expect graduate education because they can, and academic bona fides help them narrow an ever-growing pool of applicants."
"The meditation goes on for five minutes, casting a spell that draws in the audience so that all that's audible is the air pushing through the vents and the mid-morning gurgle of digesting danish."
"The more Aaron Beck let his patients 'free associate' during sessions, the worse they felt. But when he intervened and helped them understand practical problems, his patients made quick progress."
"Why, Seligman wondered, wasn't psychology paying attention to the 80 percent of the population that isn't depressed or suffering from mental illness?"
"Think of coaching as having your own Dr. Phil on call -- someone there not to diagnose emotional problems or feel your pain, but to tell you to buck up and help you make a plan."
"So what ails the American family? 'America has little domestic peace. Men and women do not know how to get along. Children don't want to be around their parents,'" Shmuley told the author.
"Somebody holds the short end of the stick. But who? Members of small-stature ethnic groups? Girls, who are less frequently referred for treatment? The poor, who lack resources to pay for treatment?"
"In its energy, ebulllience, contagiousness and sheer pleasure, exhuberance can be powerful and healthy, Jamison writes. It is the stuff of great leadership, adventure, art and science."
"The threshold of having an evaluation has become incredibly high. There's not a good system in place at the national level for dealing with mental health issues in kids, says Dr. Daniel Pine."
"It is not the investment of time on the court that distinguished the great tennis players from the good, but the level of spiritual, emotional, mental and physical energies brought to that time."