'M.F.A. programs make money off of people's dreams,' says one editor. 'One hopes people at least understand the odds.'
"Perhaps it was the College Board's bad luck to ambitiously update a course so potentially political in an acridly partisan and culturally divided time."
'Freedom of speech is not an intuitive concept, and Americans take its benefits for granted, says Greg Lukianoff, FIRE's president.'
'Most of the stories, he says, are about “trauma, trauma, trauma, trauma”: a marine whose friend is killed by a sniper; a convoy ambushed in Iraq; the smell of burning bodies in a firebombed bus.'
"Grad school is 'the best place to ride out a recession' for those who can afford it and are young enough to reap the long-term benefit, or who are in fields like health or social sciences. "
"The students had just come back from a prep talk: don’t stand too close to the auditors, don’t stare at them during the monologue, don’t waste time stating your name, loosen up and have fun (sure)."
"Does the SAT measure talent or does it simply provide entree into the colleges more likely to nurture and sustain their students?"
"More than a million new jobs are on the horizon by 2018, but the worker pool may not be trained to fill them."
"Children who are resilient -- who bounce back from problems because they see them from multiple perspectives and who accurately understand their role in the situation --fare better after trauma."
"The 'key takeaway' from his year of professional limbo? 'Align your intuitive spirit with your career goals,' he says. It may also help to do that psychic check-in before you lose your job."
'Students want to study abroad, but they also know that in a soft job market and increasingly global economy, they need an international work record and the connections that can bring.'
"Adults going back to school have to make decisions that never occurred to earlier generations: accelerated or compressed, blended or online? If they can’t decide, there’s a format for that, too."
"Mr. Ayers, who was 30 when he entered the program, felt intimidated at first by his young classmates. 'These kids grew up with computers,' he says. 'I grew up with golf and guitar.'”
"To support her new career, she has dipped into 401(k)'s, refinanced her home, and foregone vacations, new cars and restaurant dining. 'We are happier than we were,' she says."
"College-bound seniors going into elementary education - more than half the teaching force - typically come from the bottom quartile of their class and have the lowest SAT scores."